Schumacher Wallpaper Installation


Talk to us about how we can help with Schumacher wallpaper installations

If you are taking the opportunity of the New Year to redecorate your home or place of work, then you’ll want to invest your money into something that is high end, luxurious and simply beautiful.

Amongst all the brands out there, you can depend on Schumacher to give you a wealth of stunning wallpapers that are unlike anything else out there.

Founded in 1889, the Schumacher family-owned company have been known for their cutting-edge approach to wallpapers and designs and are renowned for their commitment to giving an incredibly high level of quality.

Whatever design you have chosen, we work closely with Schumacher to ensure the installation process is straightforward

The process is simple and easy. All you need to do is head to the Schumacher website to find the wallpaper and find the product ID. From there, measure the dimensions of your wall, email us at and we’ll give an estimate for you in a quick turn-around time.

If you’re in need for some inspiration, why not check out our projects page where you can view some of our previous work? Or if you’re keen to learn more about what brands we work with, make sure to check out our brands page.