J. Josephson

This month, we’re looking deeper into commercial wallpaper providers. In particular, those we work closely with. Today, we’re looking at J. Josephson

We’re experienced wallcovering installers, and work with the world’s best manufacturers to provide results to exceed expectations. Here’s the background behind one of our trusted manufacturing partners. 

About J. Josephson


  1. Josephson’s roots date all the way back to 1937. Since then, they’ve established themselves as one of North America’s largest commercial wallcovering manufacturers.

Its founder, Max Goodman, arrived in Toronto from Eastern Europe to set up his own wallpaper installation company. As with many companies we work with, family was the core of its J. Josephson’s growth. It was Max’s son, Gil, who brought on unprecedented growth. 

By opening a retail store and importing wallcoverings from Europe, the business was propelled forwards and continued on its upwards trajectory. The business’ model then turned towards manufacturing, which was the foundations for the J. Josephson we see today. 

J. Josephson Today

When we said family was important to this company, we meant it; J. Josephson is currently lead by the third generation of the Goodman family. 

Their state-of-the-art facility is located in New Jersey, around 10 miles west of New York City, in South Hackensack.

  1. Josephson’s manufacturing operation runs 24 hours a day. This gives an idea of the size of their reach as a global manufacturer. The innovation in their design means there’s a style to suit all commercial projects. 

However, with these innovative designs there are challenges that come with installation. Different materials, especially those of higher value, mean the fitting process may be a challenging one. Here at Twill, we’ve got over 20 years’ experience in wallcovering installation for large-scale commercial projects.

Their continuous, non-stop operation makes for short lead times, which is coupled with outstanding reliability. The working relationship between J. Josephson and Twill Wallcovering Installations creates the perfect formula for your commercial project needs. 

The J. Josephson Philosophy

Quality, service and integrity. These are the core values that J. Josephson has built its company around. Furthermore, here at Twill Interiors, we share these same values, placing a strong focus on reliability for our clients and their various projects.

A strong commitment to customers is a value matched by us here at Twill. J. Josephson make the customer a top priority, with efficient customer service, support and of course only the highest quality products. 

What’s more, with Twill, you receive secondary support from us to ensure you’re in constant contact throughout the duration of your project. 

The quality in their products is the result of a happy workplace: “J. Josephson is a Global Company, marketing contract wallcovering around the world. We evoke “feel good” working and living environments, internationally and domestically.” This is an approach that shines through in their work. 

With innovation in the workplace, comes innovation in the products. J. Josephson are responsive to design trends, leading to beautiful commercial wallcoverings that we’re proud to install in our clients’ projects.


  1. Josephson operates within five brands: Bolta, Genon, Symphony, Tower and Vycon. Each has their own unique style, and has an audience in their own right.
bolta j. josephson genon j. josephson symphony j. josephson tower j. josephson vycon j. josephson


Genon Symphony Tower


To discuss J. Josephson in more detail, and how we can work with you to install their products to exacting standards, email us on hello@twill-us.com and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.