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Here at Twill Wallcovering Installations, we’re proud to work closely with some of the world’s leading luxury wallcovering brands. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Koroseal. Their ever-expanding range of products means we can offer our clients everything they need – and more – through our close relationship with this ever-expanding company. 

About Koroseal

Started in 1956, Koroseal was originally part of the Fabricated Polymers division of B.F. Goodrich. Back then, the company specialised in the production of commercial vinyl wallcoverings. 

Through a management buyout, Koroseal formed RJF International in 1988. Throughout these years, the business saw significant growth and expanded both their sales force and product portfolio.

Koroseal’s growth strategy has seen then acquire a range of different companies, including Korogard Wall Protection, Walltalkers Presentation Surfaces and Metro Wallcoverings. In 2014, the acquisition RJF’s Interior Products Division formed Koroseal Interior Products. 

Not long after, in 2015, the company completed a new 30,000 square foot “super facility”. The new facility allowed for continued growth in addition to strategic and operational improvements. With this, also came in-house digital printing capabilities and yet another new avenue for Koroseal to explore as part of their already vast product selection. 

Sangetsu purchased Koroseal fin 2016. The similarities between the businesses of Koroseal and Sangetsu has paved the way for significant growth in the years to come.

Koroseal’s Products


Koroseal’s luxury wallcoverings are renowned for their quality. A huge range, from basic yet beautiful, to more complex collaborations with global design talents, means their wallpaper offering is second to none. 

The huge variety is split into Basic, Enhanced and Designer collections. Firstly, Basic is simple, timeless and classic. Subtle textures and beautiful colourways far outreach its basic name. 


Enhanced creates more visual interest through the further use of textures and “complex, inspiring surface innovations”. Through scale of design, the designs showcase both innovation and sophistication.

And finally, Designer features the aforementioned collaborations with world-renowned design talents. Working with visionary designers from around the world, Koroseal spearheads innovation with beautiful collections of fashion-forward, globally inspired wallcoverings.


Walltalkers, from their previously mentioned acquisition of another company, are dry-erase surfaces. Ideal for both classrooms and conferences, in addition to multinational corporation boardrooms and athletic facilities. 


Simply put, their application knows no bounds. 

Made with the highest quality materials, Walltalkers feature a dry-erase film that’s stain resistant and highly durable. With this film, every idea or meeting note simply wipes away. 

Specialised Products

Koroseal’s Speciality product line features some of the world’s best innovations. The vast range of choice means whatever your project, there’s a product to suit your needs. 

Wood veneers, specialty paints, metal – you name it, Koroseal can work with it to bring your ideas to life. Their experience in dealing with these materials means you’re guaranteed quality. 

What’s more, our experience of wallcovering installations means our team at Twill are perfectly placed to fit them for you. We can handle any material, and install it to an exacting standard, no matter how arduous the task. 

Koroseal share the same quality for workmanship as our team do, which is why we’re so proud to recommend their products.